Charity Affiliates

Charity Affiliates

Introduce 1000 users to, who then earn £50 each a year in cashback and you would make £52,500!

What is Paidshop?

Paidshop is the most exciting Voucher, Offers and Flash Sale system in the UK. Based on a state of the art system which translates offers and vouchers automatically to our website, providing our users with the most up to date information, faster than any other website out there. On top of this, every offer, voucher or product purchased or used by following our outbound links, earns the user cashback. We have over 4 million products listed on our website so just about anything a user would want to buy, can be found on our systems at the most competitive price and cashback can be made on the purchase.

The cash back is created using a CPA system (Cost per Action). Every merchant listing products and offers on our site is connected to a CPA network, either a 3rd party network or our own network. These merchants pay commission for every completed sale, this commission is usually a percentage of the total transaction or it can be a set figure. This commission is split between the user and ourselves.

Standard Introduce a Friend Bonus

Our Introduce a friend system is unique, while our competitors normally offer their users a cash incentive to introduce their friends to the system, this will tend to be just one fixed amount with a one off payment, for example £10 when a friend signs up and earns a certain amount of cashback. With our system we reward the introduction of a friend with a life time bonus. Everything that friend or those friends make in cashback through our site, we also pay the original user. For example if you introduce one friend who makes £25 each year in cashback, you also make £25 each year. Introduce 10 friends who each make £25 a year and you make £250 a year. There is no limit to the number of friends you can introduce and there is no limit to how much cashback you or they can make.

How can Charities benefit?

At Paidshop we understand the need and importance of raising money to help support charities. As individuals we have all raised money on behalf of charities, through endurance events such as 5k, 10k and half marathons or by simply donating. We have developed a Charity Affiliate system which can greatly benefit Charities like yourselves and help raise much needed funds.

A Charity Affiliate would work a similar principle of the Introduce a Friend model but with a few added bonuses.

  • A user who is introduced by the charity is what we call a level 1 user, this is someone who has been directly introduced by the charity through a specific URL. For every £1 that user makes in cashback, the Charity makes £1.05, this is on every purchase this user EVER makes, not just limited to a set time period.
  • If that level one user then introduces another friend to Paidshop, the normal Introduce a Friend model comes into play, this second user we call a level 2 user as they have been introduced by a user that the Charity has introduced. For every £1 that level 2 user makes in cashback, the level 1 user also makes £1 as per the standard model, however as a bonus to the Charity, it makes £0.05.
  • For every user that the level 2 user then introduces and so on down what could be a very long “Introduce a Friend” chain, the Charity makes £0.05 on every £1 earnt.

The potential revenue for a Charity is unlimited, the more you introduce the more you make, the more your introduced users introduce their friends, you make even more!

Promoting Paidshop as a Charity

Promoting paidshop is easy, not only does it save those using the system money by showing the latest offers, discounts and vouchers, cashback is made on all purchases, saving all users money. On top of the money saved and cashback, every purchase they make leads to the charity raising money, every friend they introduce also helps raise money for the charity.

As a Charity affiliate we would provide you with a Charity Affiliate account, where you can monitor sign ups created from your unique link and monitor or withdraw the revenue created.

Your unique link can be as simple as, this can then be embedded into any promotional material such as website banners, outbound links, emails or printed on any other promotional materials. When a user then visits the site through your unique link, a cookie is used to link any sign up to your Charity Affiliate account.

To find out more information, please email Alex Redpath at Paidshop on

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