Use of Cookies

A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent by our systems to yours and is used to store some information about your visit to us on your computer.

Our site complies with the latest guidelines as set out by ICO and further information about this can be found here

Our cookies

The cookies that we use are here for the essential task of tracking your commissions and navigation, we also use some simple ones to save data such as logins (so you don’t have to do that all the time) and notifications (so you don’t get a one-time notice appearing all the time) and are as such for our benefit in making sure that your user experience is as easy and simple as possible without unnecessary interruptions.

The main three cookies that you might be exposed to on our site are as follows:

Our Direct Cookies

Our cookies are there to make sure that the commission data and track is maintained between site visits! These cookies are not shared with anyone but our own systems to make sure that the right data is sent to a merchant when a click is performed. We also use a log in and visit cookie to make sure that you don’t get the same notices on subsequent visits and that some log in info is stored. We don’t use this information for anything but to make sure that you get whatever commissions and great site experience that you deserve.

Google Analytics

Yes we use Google Analytics and they use the following cookies (names) to make sure that they can give us insight into usages and areas that we need to improve upon, the names are as follows: _utma is used by Google Analytics to identify first-time site ('unique') visitors vs. returning visitors. two year expiry time. _utmc identifies unique visitors vs. returning visitors but expires when you close your browser. _utmb is used for general visitor tracking and expires after 30 minutes. _utmz tracks source visits (the origin of the visit). It expires after six months.

Third-party cookies:

Cookies are domain driven, as in it is only possible to read a cookie from either inside your browser OR from the domain that issued them! This is IMPORTANT as this prevents our cookies to be read by anyone else but us.

Third Party cookies are in effect the same BUT come from someone else, this can happen on promoting a new advert using a link from their site to ours or we host some data from a third party (microsite) that could issue a cookie from their domain.

A note on iFrames

iFrames can, sometimes, be used on our pages to display relevant data from third part sites and domains! These pages can and do contain cookies.

A note on External Media

We do, from time to time, display media from third parties that can use cookies, these media companies are as follows:

  • You Tube
  • Flickr
  • Dig
  • Twitter
  • And other video media contact providers.

In this regard we do not Control the placement of these cookies and can NOT read their data, however, they can be essential in tracking any possible revenues. If you do not agree to our cookie policy don’t accept our cookies!

We assume that you accept this policy if you continue on our site by navigating to another page or rejecting the policy by leaving this site.

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