Cash Back Guide

Cash Back Guide

How do I get Paid?

Easy, when you have made sufficient cash back (currently set at £5) just fill in your details at My Account>>Payment Details where you will find that we accept payments to standard bank accounts and or Pay Pal. We have a system that allows you to enter multiple accounts and select the one you want to get paid to!

When Do I Get Paid?

First off, we do have a minimum amount that needs to be in your account in order for us to pay it, this is to stop smaller payments that can, in certain circumstances, cost us more to pay out than the actual amount.

Once you hit this threshold then you will be placed on a 30 to 45 day pay run date, this means, in clear English, that due to the amount of payments we do, we split them up into a equal number every day of the month. Your payments will go out within a few days of that payment run, so say we have a slot 20 days from when your account hit the threshold, then your account will be set at that date at that time, this is repeated every time your account hits a payment date and is above the threshold! This is to ensure payment efficiency and to stop massive individual pay days.

Cash back Status colour codes explained.

Referring to our colour codes in your account:

  • Yellow - we have detected that you (or a Friend) have made a purchase at one of our partners and this revenue, that we owe you if its cleared, is now listed here. This is generated on a 24 hour basis so will NOT show in today’s transactions.
  • Blue - We have been informed that the payment seems okay and we are waiting for this to come to us!
  • Green - The revenue have been received by us and is held in our clients account to be paid to you!
  • Red - The payment has been blocked or rescinded by the merchant, this will be investigated and we will contact you with regards to this. Sometimes, it’s a simple cancel of an order that has occurred or you’ve sent the goods back or credit card fault etc etc, however this revenue is on hold until we find out why.

How come I can’t see my friend’s merchants?

This is restricted for the obvious reason that we are sure you don’t want all your friends to see where you shop! Its also due to Data Protection act, we are not sure that this has a clause here BUT in any event this information will NOT be released!

How come some Yellow and Blue balls are there for such a long time?

Simple, depending on the transaction the revenues can take a significant time to reach us. For example, you buy a holiday from one of our partners with the actual holiday dates a year from now, with or without cancellation insurance (before you ask), now this transaction will not be 100% complete UNTIL after the trip and the merchant is happy that they will not be subject to some sort of cancellation or something that would prevent the money they get from you be received by them! So, that type of transaction would take over a year to clear with them and us! Sounds daunting, its not, it’s to make sure that this business model can survive and thrive, remember you are getting something back for nothing here! One of our staff got a little over £450 back on a New York trip last year!

What does the Hold Payment Status mean?

Simple, say you want to build up your earnings for Christmas, simply select Yes and we will not pay out your earnings until you want them in the future (subject to threshold limit being reached of course). This can bring some advantages such as having a nice little nest egg of cash for when you need it or simply plan your future spending with this in mind so Birthdays and Christmas doesn’t become such a heavy financial burden!

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