Using Our Flash Sale system:

Using Our Flash Sale system:

Our Flash Sales offer the very biggest discounts to our members, these are deals and discounts negotiated by us for you.

The main difference between our Flash Sales and our On Sale offers is the limited nature of the Flash Sale. The Flash Sale will be limited by either time or quantity, for example the offer may only be available for an hour, 24 hours or even 48 hours, or may be limited to 1000 items on a first come first served bases. These offers are massively discounted so will not be around for long!

Sample Flash Sale:

Want Cashback?

Getting paid cashback whilst taking advantage of a Flash Sale could not be easier. By simply clicking on the outbound Flash Sale link (shown below), you are then asked to either sign in using your Paidshop username and password or to sign up. All that you need to sign up is a working email address, we then send a validation email to confirm your account which will also contain your securely generated password, we advise our users to change this once logged in for the first time to you preferred password.

Once you enter you email address and press the Go Shop button, you will be directed to the retailers website. It really is that simple!

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