Using On Sale:

Using On Sale:

Paidshop has an unrivalled On Sale system, providing instantly updated offers to our website and our users.

Once you have selected the offer you wish to use, you are taken to a page detailing the retailer, the offer, the time it has left and any terms and conditions the retailer has on the offer.

Sample On Sale Offer

On the left is a sample of an On Sale offer, it shows the retailer, the discount and a small description of the offer as well as the possible discount available during the offer.

Below you can see how many other Paidshop users have recommended or disliked the offer giving real world feedback on each offer.

Once logged in you can vote on each offer once, neither we nor retailers have any influence on the vote so it really is a community vote!

Want Cashback?

Getting paid cashback whilst using Paidshop could not be easier. By simply clicking on the outbound link (shown below), you are then asked to either sign in using your Paidshop username and password or to sign up. All that you need to sign up is a working email address, we then send a validation email to confirm your account which will also contain your securely generated password, we advise our users to change this once logged in for the first time to your preferred password.

Once you enter you email address and press the Go Shop button, you will be directed to the retailers website. It really is that simple!

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