Using Search:

Using Search:

Our search facility allows our members to search over 4,000,000 products! Every single one of these products can earn you FREE cashback.

How to Search

The search box is located in the top right of the Paidshop website, you can search by either a store name or a product name.

Once you have searched for your chosen item or retailer (for this example we are using one of our favourite items, the Kindle), you will be shown any products in our system which match your search.

Each result shows an image of the item, the price and the name of the product and retailer.

You can choose to show results from just one retailer or many. Searches can also be filtered by category.

Want Cashback?

Getting paid cashback whilst using our search system could not be easier. By simply clicking on “Go To Product”, you are then asked to either sign in using your Paidshop username and password or to sign up. All that you need to sign up is a working email address, we then send a validation email to confirm your account which will also contains your securely generated password, we advise our users to change this once logged in for the first time to your preferred password.

Once you enter your email address and press the Go Shop button, you will be directed to the product on the retailer’s website. It really is that simple!

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