Why can’t I see how much cashback I will earn on each item?

The simple reason is that each merchant comes with a raft of percentages, sometimes one and sometimes a new percentage on each product, this is way to complicated and will result in an estimate percentage! Add on the new rates from Vouchers and ‘On Sale’ Items we can only but speculate the true cashback and that’s not right!

So, we decide to do things a bit different, we have taken out time and done a system that will show you what you get from each shop and from each shop category! So if we have that information you now have that information!

THEN, we give out 100%* of this!

So how much do you CashBack to Us, your Users, in real terms.

Well that’s not easy to calculate as we get special offers and promotions and all sorts of revenues that cant be tracked to an individual account, BUT, we still split that up into our up and coming OUR EXCLUSIVE DEAL (cant tell anyone what that means yet as this a bit of a secret), competitions and we also use it to finance some claims that are late.

Add to this that we pay at least just as much as our competitiors (100%*) BUT we pay more! We have special deals that we can promote, this promotion will generate more revenues and as such we can give you more (in fact can be way in excess of a 110%** if both sides are added together plus the initial % rev share!)

However, we can comfortably state that we pay out IN TOTAL over 100%* WITHOUT USING A MILLION DISCLAIMERS, we would like to say that we PAY MORE than anyone else but we are probably right on par and we would probably be right in stating that!

Anyway, as a strapline here we say, with 247HomeShopping.com everyone Earns More!

So how does 247HomeShopping.com generate money? you cant live on air alone?

Well, we all need air… however, no, we get special promotions that we earn from, money that can't be credited to users as they don’t want to register with us but still go though our systems, banners and other ad chanels, this gives us a comfortable way to profitability. Go on ask the question: are you profitable? Nope, not yet! But almost.

On how many levels do the Introduce a Friend work on?

The unbelievable Introduce a Friend system is ONLY available on one level, ie, a direct descendent level from you, so for example, you friend friends will not result in any cashback to you. This is NOT a never ending pyramid scheme!

Why do I need to re-login sometimes to change details on my account?

Our systems remembers you, so if you leave your computer shut down you browser, our systems will still remember you if you want to (99% choose this option), so, this would mean that anyone else that might use your computer could get access to your account, we cant allow that and that’s why, under certain account sections, you will be required to log in again UNLESS you logged in during that session!

Why do I need to re-enter my password when using the “Pay Out” feature?

Your cashback is exactly that, YOUR cashback. We add this extra layer of security to ensure that you control where your well-earned cashback goes.

Is it cheaper to visit the retailer direct rather than visiting 247HomeShopping.com first?

The price you see on the retailer’s website will be the same whether you go direct or through 247HomeShopping.com. The advantage of going through 247HomeShopping.com is you get free cashback for any purchase on a participating retailer’s website. You also gain access to a raft of other benefits such as offer notifications etc etc

What is cashback?

By shopping through 247HomeShopping.com, you don’t only get the most up to date offers and vouchers available from thousands of retailers but you make cashback on every purchase. This cashback is money paid by these retailers to 247HomeShopping.com for us directing users to purchase their items. This commission we earn from each purchase is given to you and earns you cashback. Not only do you get the very best prices but you get paid for shopping.

How quickly does cashback turn up in my account?

We update our systems every 24 hours, these pick up any transactions that have gone through our systems. If a purchase does not appear in your account, please allow 7 days for any delays to correct themselves before making a missing cashback claim. Delays can occur for many reasons, for example the retailer may have not updated their systems in time or a delay may occur as part of an affiliate network.

My Purchase wasn’t tracked, what happened?

Only a small proportion of our transactions do not track properly. In the majority of cases, anti-virus software or anti spyware software might prevent the tracking cookies from acting how we intend them to, these are vital for us to track purchases and credit your cashback to you!

If your purchase does not appear after 7 days, please follow the Missing Cashback claim process and we will investigate the purchase to our fullest ability, we may require further information from you so please keep an eye on your registered email account.

Why is my cashback still pending?

We can only pay out when we get paid. Depending on the purchase, the retailer often withholds commission until they are happy the product has been delivered and to make sure a purchase is complete they will sometimes require that the return period is passes to avoiding paying out to early.

An example of this is cashback on plane tickets, retailers will not payout until you have used the tickets.

Is there a membership charge?

No, membership to 247HomeShopping.com is completely 100% free!

I can’t log into my account?

If you are struggling to log into your account, please first try the forgotten password feature on the user log in page. If you then fail to either receive the forgotten password email or still have issues, please email us at customerservice@247HomeShopping.com

How does 'Introduce a Friend' work and why should I do it?

We have a unique business model at 247HomeShopping.com, we like our users to recommend our service to their friends and as a thank you, we reward you. Our competitors may offer you £5, £10 or even £15 for an introduction, we offer you a reward for life! Everything your friends make in cashback, we also credit you a portion of this FOR LIFE ofg that account! Currently this stands at a straight 5%, this is subject to movement but we feel confident that this level can be held without problems. We feel it really is the best way to reward our user’s introductions.

All you need to do is share your Introduction link through Social Media or by email, and start earning rewards today!

The 247HomeShopping.com Team

* Standard rate. Does not include special incentives. ** Can include special incentives rates.
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