How THIS Works

  • How does this all work

    How does this all work??

  • simple cashback

    It’s simple…

  • we give you vouchers, offers and savings

    We collect all of the latest Offers, Sales, Vouchers and Flash Sales from thousands of member companies…

  • email choices

    we give you access to all of these from our homepage or you can select our ‘Once a Day’ email. By the way, you can choose when to get this email so as not to clash with your working hours, you can even elect not to get it at all!

  • 100% cashback

    You mention Cashback on shopping and giving me up to 100% of it, how does that work?

  • how 100% cashback works

    Simple, we get money, or Cashback, from your purchases when you go though our links but we have decided to share this with you and if you go over a certain limit then you get 100% of this Cashback!

  • cashback limits

    What is this limit and how does it work?

  • cashback system integration

    We will share all Cashback payments to you on a 50/50 basis, until our share is £10, then, after that you get 100%!

  • example of cashback

    Can you give me an example please?

  • OLED TV Cashback sample

    Okay, say you buy a new OLED TV from one of our member shops and this TV is around £2000 then the Cashback can be as high as £200! That’s a LOT! Now, our limit is only £10 so we will keep that and give you £190 AND your account is now a Premium Account and as such you will receive 100% on all subsequent Cashbacks! We will only take a maximum of £10 a year.

  • premium account holder

    Can I Pay to become a Premium Account holder?

  • Our premium accounts are free

    Some others out there do, but not us! We have made everything automatic so it will not cost you a penny. Our system is 100% FREE to use, no upfront payments, subscriptions or membership fees will be charged at all, ever!

  • our cashback voucher offer and flash sales are free

    This SOUNDS GREAT, how do I sign up?

Just follow a link and it will ask you to sign up or click on the sign up button below!

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