Merchant Information

Merchant Information

  • Are you a Merchant or Retailer?
  • Are you willing to get a LOT more customers and revenues?
  • Are you willing to, in most cases, pay less for this than traditional methods?

Well, then you might be reading the right web page! represents thousands of retailers and merchants and makes sure that the ones giving our members the best deals get the most interest.

We do this by making sure that whatever commission we get the majority is redistributed to our members in the form of a cashback system that encourages our member to, recognize not only our bran, but also yours!

Our system are a bit different from others, first, we don’t mess around with Initial Percentages (means that the commission distributed is based on the initial set percentage from a merchant/retailer and any extra from that is kept), secondly, don’t mess with complex non binding percentage calculations that doesn’t seems to hold their value for more than a minute, thirdly, we encourage our users to introduce more members though a revolutionary introduction system! There is a raft more benefits to our system, but those are not important here, just know that we are the freshest company in the market today, or that’s what we like to think in any event.

No, we deal in absolutes, whatever comes in to our account system, and that can be tracked WILL be the final sum that our redistribution is based upon!

This makes us one of the clearest fairest and honest systems out there, not saying that there are dishonest systems out there JUST saying that with our redistribution policy we are definitely honest!


It means that if you are represented by us then you are part of a system that will give you a direct line access to hundreds of thousands (if not millions, depending on category or niche) of willing users that are more than keen to shop with you and EVEN more keener to respond to ‘On Sale’ offers, Vouchers AND Flash Sales!


Yes, this is a bit tricky but does not have to be.

Our systems are fully integrated with the larger CPA (Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition) systems out there so that we have a fundamental base for our merchant to get to us in a reasonable fashion. So if you are part of any large CPA system contact us and see if we can become immediate partners!


Joining these large CPA systems can be a very costly experience, not only from a direct cost bases (some will charge you to become part of it) but also from a technical point of view, someone has to integrate the CPA system into your systems.

We do have a solution here as well, but this is not for everyone and its still experimental!

Our sister company MERLINWEB are currently developing a fully fledged CPA system to be used for our own merchants that wish to sign up with only us.

Service Companies like POBOXES.COM for example, are fully integrates into this system and is doing rather well out of it!

This system is FREE IF you are accepted, and the integration is a breeze, BUT, as said this is an experimental system, for now, and not everyone will be allowed into it yet.

Any questions contact our affiliate manager

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