Top features: – Step-by-step guide teaches you how to calibrate your TV – Specially-designed content is designed to enhance both Full HD and standard definition TVs – Colour filter card helps tweak the colour settings to make display vibrant and detailed Step-by-step guide Picture Perfect HD helps you to get the most out of your TV. With a step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to get your TV to show crisper images, improved detail, more realistic colours and create an immersive viewing experience your family will love. With bonus content including audio setup, you’ll get the perfect sound signature to match. That blockbuster movie will sound as good as it looks. Simply work through the video guide at your own pace, pausing it at each stage as you are instructed to edit your TV’s settings. Once you’re done, you can enjoy images the way they were meant to be viewed. Specially-designed content Whether you’re changing the settings on the HD TV in your lounge, or the standard definition TV in your kitchen, the Team Knowhow Picture Perfect package includes a DVD version, a Blu-ray disc and a digital copy for your convenience. So, whatever TV you own, the picture will look great. Colour filter cards Many televisions have their settings pre-set by the manufacturers to look good inside a shop environment. This means that when it comes to setting your TV up, you’ll often find an over-bright and unrealistic picture that doesn’t maximise your TV’s full potential. With Picture Perfect and the included colour filter cards, you’ll be able to adjust the colour temperature, contrast and brightness for a fantastic picture that looks vibrant and inviting.


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