Koss KE7 In Ear Stereo Headphones, 2 pairs – Black and White




The Original Stereophone For some music is a nice distraction A thing to tap your toes to For us music isn’t a thing; it’s a place we go We are the true believers Koss has been bringing people closer to the music they love for more than 50 years The first Stereophone (SP3) in the world was created by John C Koss and Martin Lange in 1958 and since then Koss’ innovative products have gone from strength to strength with a range now including Full Size Stereophones On-Ear Stereophones In-Ear Stereophones Ear-Clip Stereophones Wireless Stereophones and Communication Headsets Now more than 50 years later…Koss’ creation has become a 2 billion industry worldwide Three principles serve as the foundation for the company’s success The sound of Koss; focus on fit and breakthrough customer service What do these principles mean? The sound of Koss Musician John C Koss created “the sound of Koss” in 1958 and we have stayed true to it to this every day The sound of Koss brings music back to life Koss engineers are rigorous in their pursuit of the absolute best sound but it is the human listening experience that sets Koss apart Focus on fit We are obsessed with creating the absolute perfect fit – without it; we can’t get the perfect sound We strive to create products that offer custom settings for every music lover Our products couple to the ear – it’s just you and your music Breakthrough customer service Koss was the first to offer Limited Lifetime Warranty in 1989 Our domestic customer support staff is ready to help any listener with any issue The Koss US factory and warehouse is based in Milwaukee Wisconsin – logistically Koss has created an onsite inventory system that makes “out-of-stocks” virtually impossible With all this in mind what specifically do the Koss KE7 Earbuds have to offer you?


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