ONE FOR ALL SV 9365 Performance Line Indoor TV Antenna



Enjoy superior TV reception with the One for All SV 9365 Performance Line Indoor TV Antenna. Made to give you better picture quality Suitable for homes up to 15 miles from transmitter, this amplified indoor antenna gives you superb reception for DVB-T television and DAB radio signals, ensuring that everything you see and hear is rendered in the top quality intended for it. It’s HD Ready, so is ideal for receiving and amplifying terrestrial high definition TV signals, boosting signal gain up to 46 dB. Fitted with a fully adjustable active loop, it ensures you’ll enjoy the best possible reception. Advanced aerial technology Helping the SV-936-5 Amplified Indoor TV Aerial achieve its crystal-clear results is a metal reflection shield, which guarantees the ultimate signal reception by reflecting on the metal ground plate. With Signal Clear Technology, the antenna only boosts picture quality and minimal surrounding interference. It’s also fitted with dual metal tubes to optimise its signal reception. Triple action noise reduction filters go to work to ensure that interference is minimised. The antenna includes a 1.8 m coaxial cable, and can be directly powered via your set-top box or using a mains adaptor. The One for All SV 9365 Performance Line Indoor TV Antenna is the key to better TV picture quality.


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