Panasonic Water & Sweat Resistant Sports Earbud Headphones Blue




 Panasonic is pleased to announce the launch of their HS34 clip type earphones which have been designed and developed for music loving athletes It&39;s become popular to enjoy music while working out and clip type earphones are the most suited to this because they&39;re light compact and are fitted securely over the ear The RP-HS34 is a real sports concept model and has been designed to respond to common problems raised by athletes With a flexible ear hanger they fit perfectly around the ear and ensure the headphones stay put whilst carrying out fast paced exercise You can also adjust the size and length of the earphones which means they stay firmly and comfortably attached to your ear and the inner temple cord is located behind the ear to work on minimizing touch cord noise on the face and neck while exercising To make it ideal for all sports use the headphones are water resistant come in a variety of vivid colours and the speaker is designed to give rich base sound  In Ear Sports Clip headphone  Rich bass sound  Water and sweat resistant  Adjustable fit  Durable for a wide range of sports


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