Top features:- Play your favourite music wirelessly with Bluetooth technology- DAB and FM bandwidths for more choice of stations- Listen anywhere with mains and battery powerPlay your favourite musicListen a range of digital radio stations and enjoy the option of listening to your own music with the Sandstrom SF-DABA18 Portable DAB+/FM Bluetooth Radio.There are some days you really want to hear a specific playlist or album. The SF-DABA18 Radio offers wireless music streaming with Bluetooth technology, so if you’ve got a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or MP3 player, you can listen to your own music instantly, with no cables tethering your mobile to the radio.DAB and FM bandwidthsThe Sandstrom SF-DABA18 Portable Radio gives you the full choice of DAB and FM radio with a simple to use interface. Save your favourite stations for easy access with 10 DAB and 10 FM presets.Its DAB+ tuner gives you a clearer, more stable radio signal with no static or dropping out. It’s also got an automatic tuner, so you won’t have to waste time searching through empty channels – simply scroll through the stations by name until you find the one you want.Listen anywhere If you fancy going out in the garden to do your stretches this morning, the SF-DABA18 Radio can be powered by batteries, so you can take it anywhere even if there’s no power outlet.


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