Keep in complete control of your music and smartphone with help from the practical and great value Sony EX15APLI Headphones, in blue. Control your tunes With a simple to use in-line remote control, the Sony EX15APLI Headphones makes it easy to stay in charge of your music, with the ability to skip, play and pause songs at the touch of a button. Make use of the EX15APLI with your smartphone and not only will you be able to choose your tunes effortlessly, but when you need to make or take a phone call a built in microphone allows you to chat away to your heart’s content. Sounds good With a frequency range of 8 – 22,000 Hz, no matter what your favoured genre of music the EX15APLI headphones yield rich levels of audio reproduction. From soaring vocals to deep and dirty bass lines, listen to your favourite tracks played back with excellent clarity and fidelity. The EX15APLI come with three different sizes of ear buds so you can choose the ones that best fit you. Get the most out of your music when you’re on the move with the blue Sony EX15APLI Headphones.


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