Take your music on the go with the Sony Walkman NW-E394R 8 GB MP3 Player with FM Radio. ClearAudio+ Remove the need to fine-tune your music with ClearAudio+, which enhances your listening experience with one touch. Automatically optimizing the balance of frequencies and maintaining a consistent volume, the Walkman NW-E394R is designed to reproduce crisp stereo sound. Update your Walkman NWE394 with new albums, songs and playlists in moments with drag and drop transfers from a PC or Mac. 8 GB of storage Lightweight enough to fit in your pocket, the Walkman NW-E394R offers 8 GB of storage that can hold up to 1800 songs, as well as a lengthy battery life of up to 35 hours for longer listening. Enjoy a range of different music files and play PCM, AAC, WMA and MP3 files. With a compact design that offers clear sound, the Sony Walkman NW-E394R 8GB MP3 Player with FM Radio is designed for enjoying your favourite radio shows and songs on the move.


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